Top Gadgets for Travelers

These are perfect for anyone – either for business or pleasure travel, you will take full advantage of the technology that improves your holiday and make it safer, more comfortable and faster when you need it. With the exception of the very adventurous travelers or traditional ones who still believe travel is just for backpackers who put some clothes in their luggage and money in their socks, here are the must-have gadgets for anyone going on a holiday:

  1. iPod Music, podcasts, audio books, even foreign language lessons come with you wherever you go. Also, the device can work as an external storage device, so you can back up data and copies of your documents on the small gadget.
  2. Kindle – from travel guides to your favourite book or just a huge number of pages you planed to read for work documentation during your travel, the Kindle puts them all in one place. There might be some problems with those still preferring the traditional book instead of Kindle.
  3. Franklin 12-languages Global Translator – this speaking device helps you pass the language barrier when traveling.
  4. Airport Express – avoid the huge fees for wireless Internet in hotels or always wearing the cables around you by using this Apple device.
  5. Noise Reduction Headphones – from the crying child sitting on the chair near you, to the happy couple laughing loudly on the beach while you try to enjoy the sun, these headphones reduce all the uncomfortable sound that can disturb your vacation.
  6. International electricity plug adaptors – don’t bother with buying every time you go on vacation a different adaptor for charging your phone, laptop or camera. This will help you anywhere you go from now on.


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