Timeshare Resorts: What Do those Ratings Mean?

Increase your Trading Power with a Popular Timeshare

People who make exchanges often believe they have more trading power when they own a Gold Crown or 5-Star Resort. However, that particular notion does not exactly make it easier to make an exchange.

The Gold Crown designation is the highest rating given for a resort by RCI or the exchange company Resort Condominiums International while the 5-Star rating is the highest ranking given by the other major exchange company Interval International.

Gold Crown ratings are stamped on approximately ten percent of the resorts represented by RCI. While it’s nice to stay at a highly ranked timeshare, when it comes to exchanges, the popularity of the property usually decides the final outcome.

Gold Crown Resorts trade for Similar Gold Crown Properties

For example, suppose you own a Gold Crown timeshare in a pleasant Midwestern town. When it comes to exchanging this Gold Crown unit, it’s doubtful you’ll successfully make an exchange if you own a week, say, in February and want to exchange your highly-ranked accommodation for a timeshare in Florida. When it comes to exchanges, a Gold Crown timeshare only ensures that you can make an exchange for a similar timeshare at a Gold Crown resort.

Again, the Popularity of the Place Enhances Trading Power

Because Gold Crown listings are computerized, you can definitely experience exchange difficulties if you share ownership in a Gold Crown property as most Gold Crown listings are programmed to trade with other Gold Crown listings.

Therefore, don’t fall for any spiel from a timeshare salesperson that a timeshare resort that is listed as a Gold Crown or 5-Star property effects a better trade. Remember, only about 10% of resort timeshares are ranked as Gold Crown.

Therefore, you are better off by basing trading on demand and location. As a result, it doesn’t matter how the resort is ranked. It’s more important to choose a resort—Gold Crown or not—that has a veritable degree of popularity.

Location is Important

Remember the scenario about the Gold Crown resort in the Midwest? It would be far better that you own the timeshare week in Florida and try to trade it for another property than the other way around.

Look at the advantages of owning the Floridian timeshare. The demand to stay in Florida, no doubt, is great and the location is first-rate. Those are the rankings you want to consider when you are trading any resort property.


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