Timeshare Foreclosure Laws – Are You at Risk of Timeshare Foreclosure?

As people reevaluate their family budgets and cut the fat to save money for more important things, timeshares are often the first to go. However, many owners don’t realize that timeshares are subject to foreclosure laws, just like other pieces of property, and that in order to avoid the havoc this can wreak on your credit you must take the property steps to get rid of your timeshare if you no longer want it.

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about timeshares is that they are not actual pieces of property. Timeshare law views these units as owned pieces of property, even though you only own a portion of it. When people no longer use or can no longer afford their timeshare, many simply quit making payments on the property. Even if you have paid off your timeshare mortgage, if you fail to pay the maintenance fees you can be subject to timeshare foreclosure law and all the consequences that come with it, including a foreclosure on your credit report which can cost you as much as 300 points!

If you are unaware of timeshare foreclosure laws and feel you may be as risk of foreclosure on your property, there is still hope. Many developers don’t want to deal with the hassle of listing a timeshare as a foreclosure and will work with you to get caught up on your payments. Even if you no longer want or can afford to keep your property, staying out of timeshare foreclosure is an absolute must, as you cannot sell a foreclosed timeshare.

In order to help you stay out of timeshare foreclosure and help you sell your property as quickly as possible, we have gathered the most reputable and experienced timeshare attorneys and timeshare resale specialists in the industry to help you. These timeshare law experts are well versed in timeshare foreclosure law and can help you avoid this costly process. They have built strong relationships with timeshare developers and can keep you from doing serious damage to your credit. The companies we recommend can also help you sell your timeshare fast – in as little as 24 hours in some cases – to keep you out of foreclosure and get rid of your timeshare for good.

Each timeshare company we recommend maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and never charge upfront fees for their services. With years of experience working with timeshare developers and owners, the timeshare attorneys and specialists we offer have a proven track record of helping owners just like you become aware of timeshare foreclosure laws and selling even the most difficult timeshares. And if they can’t help you, they will refer you to someone who can. Where else will you find a better offer than that?


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Donna Connelly is the co-founder of Timeshare Secrets. She and her husband Dan successfully sold their timeshare and now provide advice to others in the same situation. Donna and Dan currently live in sunny Orlando, Florida with their three children.