Can I Sell A Marriott Timeshare on the Secondary Market?

Some of the most common timeshare properties people own are found in Marriott resorts. Marriott timeshares are so popular because of their wide selection of resorts, unit layouts, and options to allow families to create the ideal getaway. However, despite how much enjoyment people get out of their timeshare, many often wonder if they can sell their Marriott timeshare on the secondary market if they no longer want their property.

The only reason that people decide to sell their timeshares on the secondary market is because the property is costing them more to keep than they feel it is worth to them. While a family may have gotten a great deal of use out of their timeshare when the kids were in school, but now that family summer vacations are a thing of the past, so is your Marriott timeshare. Maintenance fees, special assessments, interest, and exchange fees can all add up and you may find yourself looking for way to get out of your agreement and stop spending money on a property you either no longer use or can’t afford.

The truth is, you can sell just about anything on the secondary market, including timeshares. However, what many owners don’t realize is that the timeshare secondary market behaves much differently than many other industries and that a strong understanding of it will save you a lot of trouble and headache when you decide to sell your timeshare.

The Marriott timeshare secondary market is no different than any other developer, even though Marriott timeshares are some of the most in-demand properties available. Your timeshare is not an investment, and the value of it will never go up. Even if your paid a pretty penny for a waterfront villa in Hawaii, the value of that property could potentially have dropped up to 50% the second you signed your agreement. These properties are only worth what people are willing to pay for them, and many first time sellers are shocked at the offers they get.

Once you have come to terms with the likelihood that you will not be making much money on the sale of your timeshare, if you are able to recoup any costs at all, selling your timeshare becomes a more realistic solution to the troubles of timeshare ownership since the money that will be saved on paying the fees associated with it often more than makes up for the low-ball offers.

If you are interested in selling your Marriott timeshare on the secondary market, is here to help. Our recommended companies, such as, have been working with resorts like Marriott for years and know how to easily sell or give back your timeshare in a reasonable timeframe without the outrageous upfront fees of many other third party companies charge. Selling your timeshare doesn’t have to be a logistical and financial nightmare when you are working with the right people.

Can I Sell A Wyndham Timeshare on the Secondary Market?

Wyndham timeshares are the most popular and commonly found timeshares simply due to the fact that it is the largest timeshare developer in the world. People buy into these properties each year thanks to their luxurious accommodations, flexible points plan, and variety of locations. But like most timeshare owners, the thrill of these properties and the convenience of the vacations soon begin to wane, and many are left wondering if they can sell their Wyndham timeshare on the secondary market.

As the largest developer, there are always a lot of these units available for sale, and despite the desirability of the locations, there is usually never a shortage of Wyndham timeshares for sale. And since the secondary timeshare market is definitely a buyers market, you shouldn’t get your hopes up of getting a strong return when you sell your timeshare.

Not all hope is lost, however. Despite the low market and fast depreciation of these properties, the Wyndham timeshare secondary market is one of the strongest due to the great amenities one can expect with these properties, you just have to know what you are doing and where to look for fair offers.

At we know how much of a hassle trying to sell your timeshare can be. That’s why we have gathered only the most reputable, honest, and successful timeshare resale companies together to provide their outstanding services to people like you. Companies like can help assess the value of your Wyndham timeshare on the secondary market and work with the developer to get you out of your timeshare fast and without paying upfront fees. If mounting maintenance fees and other costs are piling up on a property you don’t use anymore, look no further than the recommended professionals we have to offer to you.

The Timeshare Secondary Market – How Can You Sell Your Timeshare?

When you buy a timeshare, it may seem like a good idea at the time. Who wouldn’t want to buy into a luxurious vacation property your family will have use of for the rest of their lives? However, despite the initial thrill of owning one of these properties, the burdens of owning a timeshare become apparent quickly, and many owners find themselves turning to the timeshare secondary market to get rid of them.

Unfortunately, many timeshare owners expect the secondary market for these properties to behave much differently than it actually does, leaving many disappointed and disenchanted with the idea of ever being able to sell their timeshare. While its true that the timeshare secondary market may not be what many expect, it still can be an efficient way to sell your timeshare if you are aware of what to realistically expect from it.

For starters, it is important to understand the value of your timeshare. Many owners are under the impression that a timeshare is an investment that they may be able to make money on, or at least make their initial investment back, when they sell. This is not the case, unfortunately, as timeshare value behaves more like a car than a piece of property, with their value potentially dropping nearly 50% on the timeshare secondary market.

On top of the depreciated value of the timeshare, the real issues comes with the fact that timeshares are only worth what people are willing to pay for them. This often relies on a variety of factors that differ from person to person, and can make finding an interested buyer who is willing to pay an amount you are happy with extremely difficult.

Because the timeshare secondary market can be so unpredictable, people often decide to turn to third party timeshare resale companies to help them get rid of their timeshare. Timeshare owners are encouraged to approach these companies with caution, however, since the potential to fall victim to a timeshare resale scam is unfortunately high and can cost you more than you are likely to get for the property in outrageous fees. knows how crazy the secondary market for these properties is and what a headache working with dishonest companies can be, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to bringing together the most reputable and honest companies in the industry to offer their exceptional services in one place. Each company we recommend has years of working in the timeshare secondary market and knows all the ins and outs of this complicated industry, making them able to actually help you sell your timeshare instead of just saying they will without having to charge upfront fees.