Timeshare News – Timeshare Fraud Legislation Gains Support in Florida

The nation’s first law to prevent timeshare resale scams is gaining some serious ground in Florida. The law, which i known as Florida’s Timeshare Resale Accountability Act (S.B. 1408), was unanimously approved by the state senate and house committees and is on course to become the first law of its kind.

The bill aims to protect timeshare owners who are trying to sell their timeshares after years of complaints and growing instances of fraud. It requires timeshare resale companies to provide sellers information on buyers they claim are interested in buying the property, including the buyer’s name, address, and telephone number. Legislators hope this will discourage fraudulent companies from lying to sellers about having interested buyers when there is none in order to get them to work with them.

It also forces companies to disclose fees before the seller signs any agreement and provides the seller with an “unwaivable right to cancel” the listing within 10 days, but exempts condos and other developers that offer timeshare resale services. Other states have also begun to draft laws to protect consumers and timeshare owners from the ever-growing threat of timeshare fraud.

The Better Business Bureau ranked timeshare resale scams at the #4 spot on their annual list of common consumer scams for 2010 and these frauds take millions of dollars from timeshare owners each year. Since Florida is home to 25% of the country’s timeshares, and these properties make up a large percentage of the state’s real estate business, legislation that not only helps protect these properties but their owners is absolutely essential.

The only way to 100% avoid timeshare resale scams is to educated yourself so you can identify these fraud and only work with reputable and successful timeshare resale resources. Timeshares are already enough of a financial burden, so leaving yourself open to fall victim to these scams only deepens the potential trouble.

Timeshare Foreclosure Laws – Are You at Risk of Timeshare Foreclosure?

As people reevaluate their family budgets and cut the fat to save money for more important things, timeshares are often the first to go. However, many owners don’t realize that timeshares are subject to foreclosure laws, just like other pieces of property, and that in order to avoid the havoc this can wreak on your credit you must take the property steps to get rid of your timeshare if you no longer want it.

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about timeshares is that they are not actual pieces of property. Timeshare law views these units as owned pieces of property, even though you only own a portion of it. When people no longer use or can no longer afford their timeshare, many simply quit making payments on the property. Even if you have paid off your timeshare mortgage, if you fail to pay the maintenance fees you can be subject to timeshare foreclosure law and all the consequences that come with it, including a foreclosure on your credit report which can cost you as much as 300 points!

If you are unaware of timeshare foreclosure laws and feel you may be as risk of foreclosure on your property, there is still hope. Many developers don’t want to deal with the hassle of listing a timeshare as a foreclosure and will work with you to get caught up on your payments. Even if you no longer want or can afford to keep your property, staying out of timeshare foreclosure is an absolute must, as you cannot sell a foreclosed timeshare.

In order to help you stay out of timeshare foreclosure and help you sell your property as quickly as possible, we have gathered the most reputable and experienced timeshare attorneys and timeshare resale specialists in the industry to help you. These timeshare law experts are well versed in timeshare foreclosure law and can help you avoid this costly process. They have built strong relationships with timeshare developers and can keep you from doing serious damage to your credit. The companies we recommend can also help you sell your timeshare fast – in as little as 24 hours in some cases – to keep you out of foreclosure and get rid of your timeshare for good.

Each timeshare company we recommend maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and never charge upfront fees for their services. With years of experience working with timeshare developers and owners, the timeshare attorneys and specialists we offer have a proven track record of helping owners just like you become aware of timeshare foreclosure laws and selling even the most difficult timeshares. And if they can’t help you, they will refer you to someone who can. Where else will you find a better offer than that?

Timeshare Law – What Do You Need to Know?

When people decide to buy a timeshare, it is usually a split decision. In many cases they have attended a very persuasive sales presentation in which the representative has outlined all the wonderful benefits of owning a timeshare, but of course left out the less exciting part, including timeshare law and what you need to know before you buy into one of these properties. You wouldn’t buy a house or anything else without first knowing the rules and regulations behind ownership, what your responsibilities are, and what happens to you if you don’t hold up your end of the bargain, would you? So why do so many people do this with timeshares?

The fact of the matter is that timeshares are considered to be pieces of real estate, just like a house, and fall subject to many of the same laws. Where timeshare law is a little different is that you only own a portion of the property, however, this does not exclude it from many of the laws surrounding any other real estate property, including foreclosure if you fail to pay. Also complicating the matter is that timeshare contracts often contain a lot of fine print and it can be very easy think you know what is going on. Timeshare agreements make it very difficult for you to get out of them, can be very easy to breech, and timeshare developers are often not liable for anything since they make it a point to protect themselves from loss and trouble first and foremost.

Because timeshare law is so tricky, it is often recommended that you consult with a timeshare attorney before you buy so that they can review your contract to ensure it is something you actually agree with. Timeshare lawyers are often real estate attorneys who specialize in timeshare law in order to protect people from making bad decisions. However, as is the case most of the time, people usually don’t seek the help of timeshare attorneys until they run into some hot water. Timeshare foreclosure, trouble selling the property or getting out of the agreement, and even grievances with the developer all are common reasons that people decide to contact these law professionals after they have already signed the agreement.

We understand how easy it can be to get pressured into buying a timeshare before you have had time to get proper advice and how quickly you can spot problems in your contract after the fact. This is why we have found some of the industry’s most successful timeshare law experts to help you. These experienced and diligent professionals can review your case and determine the best course of action to take in order to quickly and efficiently solve your problem starting today!

Finding Timeshare Attorneys for Your Property Needs

For a variety of reasons timeshare owners can find themselves in trouble with their properties. From contractual issues to payment problems, legal qualms are not uncommon when you own a timeshare. Thankfully, there are timeshare attorneys out there who can help you resolve these issues quickly to help you get on with your life.

From reviewing timeshare agreements to avoiding foreclosure an timeshare scams, and even assistance in selling your timeshare, these legal professionals are well versed in the timeshare industry and know what will fly and what won’t.

If you are in need of legal advice regarding your timeshare, don’t hesitate to contact a timeshare attorney. It is always better to address an issue before it becomes a real problem, and real estate law is far more complicated than it may seem, especially when it comes to timeshares. Contracts are often designed to be very hard to break but very easy to breach, so don’t make any decisions involving your timeshare until you have sought out legal counsel.


A Timeshare Attorney Can Help You With All Your Timeshare Needs

Timeshares can be a great way for families to take affordable vacations together and provide a lifetime of enjoyment. But like most deals that require contracts and agreements, there is always the opportunity for something to go wrong. So whether your to trying to buy or sell your timeshare, contacting a timeshare attorney is a good way to ensure all your bases are covered.

Like any lawyer, a timeshare attorney is here to look out for the best interest of their client. This means that if you are considering buying a timeshare, having one of these experienced legal professionals take a look at your timeshare contract can help you avoid any unforeseen problems down the road, such as unexpected hikes in maintenance fees and costs, unknown conditions for exchanging or swapping your timeshare time, or even loopholes that will keep you locked into your timeshare for life.. But if you are like so many people out there and are a timeshare owner interested in getting rid of your timeshare, a timeshare attorney can help you here as well for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, it is important to know your rights when trying to sell your timeshare, especially if you did not have a timeshare lawyer review your contract before you signed it. Timeshare developers use a variety of tactics to pressure people into buy these properties and then bully them into staying in them even after they no longer use or are unable to afford their properties. With timeshare attorneys on your side, you can get through all legal haze and get right to the point without worrying about being threatened by your developer.

Another way that a timeshare attorney can be of assistance to a timeshare sellers is by helping them with timeshare scams. Many companies out there claim to be able to help you sell your timeshare only to potentially scam you out of thousands of dollars in upfront fees. Whether you have fallen victim to these scams or are trying to avoid them all together, consulting with an experienced timeshare attorney, like the ones we recommend here at TimeshareSecrets.com, is a great place to start.

Don’t let a bad situation become worse, let us help you contact a timeshare attorney today.

Timeshare Lawyers: How Can They Help You?

Are trying to sell your timeshare and have found that you are having problems fraudulent companies or that you are facing foreclosure on your property? If so, timeshare lawyers may be able to help you.

Timeshare attorneys work in real estate law and know all the ins and out of the industry. They work in all aspects, protecting developers, buyers, and owners like you to ensure that nobody is being taken advantage of.

Timeshare lawyers can help you with issues such as:


If you have found yourself unable to pay the rising maintenance fees on your timeshare, you may find yourself facing timeshare foreclosure. Many owners don’t realize the impact this can have, and many do not view their timeshare as a piece of property they own. However, timeshares are considered real estate, just like your house, and are subject to the same laws. If you quit paying your maintenance fees, even if your timeshare mortgage is paid off, it is the same as not making payments on a property and it can be foreclosed on, devastating your credit score and creating an overwhelming amount of stress and hassle.

Timeshare lawyers can help you if you are receiving notices from your developer regarding timeshare foreclosure. Many developers do not want to go through the hassle of filing the paper work and will work with your to forgive delinquent payments. And if you want to get rid of your timeshare for good, we can help you sell your timeshare quickly and avoid having to pay maintenance fees in the future.

Timeshare Scams

An unfortunate demon in the timeshare industry is the presence of timeshare scams. These fraudulent companies claim to be able to help you sell your timeshare only to charge you up to thousands of dollars in upfront fees for their services. These companies do little more than advertise your property with no guarantee you will ever see a buyer, or even worse they take your money and run without providing you with any service at all. If you have fallen victim to a timeshare scam or a wary about a company you are considering working with, timeshare lawyers may be able to help you.

These experienced real estate lawyers have been working with timeshare developments, sellers, and buyers for over 10 years in order to protect the interests of anyone who is in need. These timeshare lawyers can review you case and determine what the best course of action is, whether you need to sell your timeshare or seek help for a bad situation.