Social Media Changes Travel Plans for One in Three People

Only a third of the UK holidaymakers use social media when planning to go on vacation, but it seems that this research really has a strong effect on them. Many of the ones documenting on social media websites oftenly change their holiday choices after consulting social media websites, a new study conducted by World Travel Market shows.

According to the study, only 36% of the 1.000 people included in the research said they use social media as part of their vacation planning, TripAdvisor being the most preferred Internet tool to help them by two thirds of them.

Around one third preferred Facebook and one in five people looked at Youtube, while only 17% of the people using Twitter when researching. Travel and tourism chat rooms attracted 28% of the social media users and blogs 9% of them.

Even though 42% of the people decided to have the same vacation as initially decided after consulting a social media website, more than one third changed their hotel as a result. Also, other details were changed: more than one in six persons usually changes the airline and another 15% change the resort, while also 15% decided to change the agent or operator, the study shows.

The survey’s results on destination, which might seem as a secure coordinate that can’t be modified only be using social media, turned out to be a surprise – 12% of the people involved in the study said they changed the country they were planning to go to.

“What’s clear is the general perception of a travel company or holiday resort on social media does have an impact on potential bookings, so companies within the travel industry need to make sure they are fairly represented on social media”, says Fiona Jeffrey, chairman of World Travel Market.

And this is as true as it could get, mainly when your target is the young people, of which almost a half declared to have used social media before going on vacation, while one quarter of the people aged 45-54 also referring to this websites.


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