Sell Your Timeshare Without Paying Upfront Fees

There are many options available to any one who wants to sell a timeshare, but finding the right option is another thing altogether. Don’t let your desperation or anxiety drive you to pay upfront fees in order to accomplish your goal. We know it’s scary looking down the barrel of the loaded gun that is timeshare ownership, but stay composed. We can help.

You see, in spite of what the well-trained salesperson told you, you are never locked in a contract with no hope of escaping down the line. Getting rid of a timeshare can be as simple as selling it, and there are plenty of resale companies out there willing to help you. Only, the problem is, some want you to use their services for an expensive upfront fee.

Fees should never be paid to any company until a job is done– no matter their services – because they are essentially asking you to pay for them to take a shot in the dark. And make mo mistake that is the perfect metaphor for how these companies do business. They are profiting off of doing the very least amount of work possible.

The company I spoke to say they guarantee my timeshare will sell. They just want a standard upfront fee.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Timeshare resale companies that ask for upfront fees generally operate the same way. They tell you they already have a buyer lined up, or that they will advertise your timeshare property tirelessly. Any legitimate company will be upfront and honest by telling you that there are no guarantees when it comes to timeshare sales or resales.

Selling these properties is an endeavor that relies on the patience of both the owner and the resale company. There is no such thing as a “sure thing” in this industry, even for the resort developers selling timeshares in the first place. When a company tells you they already have a buyer lined up, what that really means is, “Give us some money, we’ll post it on a listing page, and we’ll see what happens”. That is the extent of the service these companies provide.

You’ve already lost money on your timeshare, so don’t lose any more trying to get rid of it without results. Fill out the form below (or on our homepage) for a free consultation, and we can set you up with a certified specialist who will help get things started. And, best of all, we promise none of the companies we work with will ask for upfront fees.


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Dan Connelly is the co-founder of Timeshare Secrets. He and his wife Donna successfully sold their timeshare and now provide advice to others in the same situation. Donna and Dan currently live in sunny Orlando, Florida with their three children.