Learn Positive Phrases for your Timeshare Trip to Europe

Showing your Appreciation

Okay, maybe you cannot converse in any more than the English language; however, you can still get by communicating if you know some positive phrases. Not only will you strike a chord of goodwill by doing so, you can make communicating a little easier too. For example, you can be polite in one of several ways. “Thank you” is denoted as:

  • Merci (in French);
  • Grazie (in Italian)
  • Danke (in German); and
  • Gracias (in Spanish).

Introducing Yourself Formally

To introduce yourself, you may want to say, “My name is . . .:

  • Je m’appelle (in French);
  • Mi chiamo (in Italian); or
  • Me llamo (in Spanish).

Date and Time

You get the idea. By knowing some keynote phrases, you will enjoy your timeshare vacation in another country far more and start to understand the language of the countries you are visiting better too. But communication entails more than just a few basic phrases when you are traveling in foreign countries. It also means understanding how locals categorize addresses, dates, decimals, times, temperature, and floors of buildings too. Don’t forget that the day and month are reversed in dates. For example, 07-25-10 is 25-07-10 in Europe. Also, 1 p.m. is indicated by 13:00 in Europe or 3:00 p.m. is 15:00 on the continent.

Be Careful where you Place a Comma or Decimal

In addition, Europeans also reverse their usage of decimals and commas. For example, two dollars is expressed as 2,00 while two thousand feet is denoted as 2.000 [feet].

Floors of Buildings

With respect to temperature, 32 degrees Fahrenheit, or freezing in America is 0 degrees Celsius in Europe. Also, when you walk into your timeshare, and, say, are told that you are located on the first floor, you’ll find your unit on the second floor. That’s because the ground floor in Europe is the bottom floor, the first floor is the second floor and the second floor is the third floor.

Get Acquainted with your Destination Country

After awhile, though, you will get used to the distinctions in the language of the country you are visiting, and can overcome any barriers that may exist. Familiarize yourself a little bit with the language and customs of the place then before leaving on your trip. That way, you’ll be better able to cope with any miscommunication along the way.

Finding a timeshare in a foreign country is indeed exciting. No doubt, acquainting yourself with some of a country’s idiosyncrasies will make your trip just that much more interesting.


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