How To Write a Timeshare Contract Cancellation Letter.

Timeshare cancellation can be a piece of cake despite what some people might tell you. The key is to getting started before it’s too late. If your contract is still in rescission, you can get out of it by simply writing a contract cancellation letter.

Do yourself a favor and go look over your timeshare contract. Do you see a section that covers something called a “rescission period”? A rescission period is the amount of time you are allowed to cancel your contract, and if you’ve acted in time you should be in the clear. (Most contracts in the US allot buyers anywhere between 3-15 days to rescind the contract)

So you’ve found your contract, and you still have time to back out. Great! So, what’s the next step? Simply, the next step is to write a timeshare cancellation letter.

There are three important bits of information you must include when writing a timeshare cancellation letter.

  • List your name, as written on the contract.
  • Your contract number
  • Date of purchase

Now, with these three bits of information in mind, simply write a formal letter stating your intent of getting rid of your timeshare. You don’t necessarily need to include your reasons for coming to this decision, but if you feel like doing so you certainly may. All that matters is that you’ve told the company you wish to cancel the contract, and also that you’ve included the three necessary bits of information I listed above.

As a final bit of advice, I would suggest that you never email or fax your cancellation letter. While these two methods will save you some time initially, there is no guarantee that the letter won’t get “misplaced” by the company in question. Always, always, always send the letter via registered or certified mail. By taking this safety precaution, you can rest assured that there is proof of your cancellation taking place within the rescission period should the need for attorneys ever arise.

Writing a competent timeshare cancellation contract while still in rescission is the best means of getting rid of your timeshare before it costs you dearly. We’ve shown you how, now get to writing. Get out from under your contract today.


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