How to Stop Paying Timeshare Maintenance Fees Now!

Timeshare ownership can be a great experience for many families. While others complain of the endless loopholes that keep them from enjoying their property, plenty get great use out of their timeshare and feel like they got a good deal. However, one thing that most timeshare owners can agree on is that timeshare maintenance fees can be outrageous, and despite the value the property has to the family, they can often be a deal breaker when deciding whether or not to keep the timeshare.

Timeshare maintenance fees are the hidden evil of owning one of these properties. They are hardly ever gone over in timeshare sales presentations, because if the salesperson was up front about these cost they would never sale another timeshare, and many buyers do not even realize the burden of these fees until years into what could otherwise be a happy purchase.

Maintenance fees are exactly what the sound like: monies used to maintain the property and keep it in excellent shape. This may not sound like something crazy, since it can be expected that these properties will need routine maintenance and upkeep since they get used heavily by many different people. Generally, timeshare maintenance fees are spilt between owners to cover the cost of utilities, repairs, upgrades, and other costs associated with running a luxury resort. However, what many timeshare owners or potential buyers don’t realize is that these fees are determined by either the developer or the HOA on an annual basis, and that these governing bodies can raise maintenance fees at any time to cover new costs and inflation since maintenance fees are NEVER fixed rates. This means that even though your maintenance fees may have only been a couple hundred dollars for the year, it can (and will) increase each year until you find yourself paying thousands of dollars for a property you only use for about a week a year, assuming you only use the unit you purchased and at the time you are allowed to use it in order to avoid transfer or exchange fees.

These stipulations can add up, quickly making what seemed like a great deal a huge hassle and drain on your wallet, and the only way to stop paying timeshare maintenance fees is to get rid of your timeshare and legally transfer the contract to someone else, leaving many timeshare owners scrambling to get rid of their timeshares and ditch their mounting maintenance fees.

If you are trying to sell your timeshare to free yourself from fees, can help. We have brought together the most ethical and reputable timeshare resale and assessment companies, as well as trusted legal sources, to provide honest and efficient service to those in need. Our companies work with a variety of resorts to provide fast and effective service to owners trying to get out of their timeshare agreements, and all without charging upfront fees or using deceiving gimmicks. We know how stressful trying to sell a timeshare can be, so let the trusted professionals do the work for you.


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