How Much Do Timeshares Cost to Sell?

When trying to get rid of your timeshare you have a few options. You could donate your timeshare, try to give it away, or sell it. Since donating or giving the property away can be extremely challenging, most timeshare owners looking to get rid of their properties decide to sell. But how much do timeshares cost to sell and what is the easiest way to successfully sell your timeshare property?

Generally, the cost of selling a timeshare depends on how you want to go about selling it. If you choose to sell your timeshare on your own, you can expect to pay listing fees, transfer fees, communication materials and lawyer fees if applicable, as well as still being responsible for paying for the property while you try to sell it. This can potentially cost you thousands of dollars, and since the resale value of these properties is very low many choose to hire a professional.

However, it is important to realize that some companies are not as ethical as others and may charge steep upfront fees in upwards of $2,000 to sell your timeshare. It is recommended that if a company asks for any upfront costs that it should not cost more than $100. If it seems excessive or their claims too good to be true, they probably are and you might be walking head first into a timeshare resale scam!

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