Hotel Granada El Cid Timeshare at Mazatlan in Mazatlan, Mexico

Hotel Granada El Cid at Mazatlan in Mazatlan, Mexico may sound like a once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation when first heard of. Elegant accommodations, water activities in abundance, glorious beaches, 27 holes of golf, 20 tennis courts and more make this an amazing place to visit. The question that begs to be asked though is, “Is this where I want to vacation for the rest of my life?” The majority of people asked by us quickly answered “no”. For some though, Hotel Granada El Cid at Mazatlan may be that one place and they are the people happily paying maintenance fees and enjoying the same destination year after year.

If you have recently found it difficult to make it to across the Rio Grande for a vacation, have to vacation at odd times of the year that never fit into your vacation schedule set by your work, or just simply don’t want to pay the management fees each and every year, then you, like many, are looking for some real concrete answers about just what to do with your already-purchased timeshare. Although there is no denying Mexico is a beautiful place with scenic views in abundance, being in a timeshare you don’t want, can’t afford, and/or can’t get rid of doesn’t really sound like much of a vacation year after year. So, we’re back to the million dollar question that nobody seems to have an answer for: “How do I solve my Mazatlan vacation dilemma?”

What about selling your Hotel Granada El Cid at Mazatlan timeshare?

The basic fact is that you may have paid a hefty premium for the property after the wonderful upfront timeshare presentation. The truth of the matter is though, that there is not a practical secondary market for your timeshare or the millions of others that are currently listed for sale. Too many timeshare facilities are now renting their unsold stock online to non-timeshare owners at rates lower than the annual maintenance fee assessments. Is this fair to you, the timeshare owner? You, the owner, pay an extraordinary upfront fee for the initial purchase of the property and tens of thousands of dollars in assessments whether you use it or not. Another option would be that you choose to pay one nominal fee only when you want to go somewhere. See our point? This dilemma is the single most important factor as to why very few timeshare owners are ever able to sell their timeshare at all.

What about giving away your Hotel Granada El Cid at Mazatlan timeshare?

Most timeshare owners who have unsuccessfully tried to sell their property should consider themselves fortunate if they could pay a trustworthy company to take ownership of the property. This is no different than a general real estate transaction in which a seller comes to closing with monies due to a shortage in the property value. Factoring in closing costs and legal fees, getting the timeshare resort to acknowledge the transaction may be your best option (depending on what the costs is versus your annual dues). The truth of the matter is, that even if you find a company claiming they can get this done, the actuality of getting all this accomplished can be a daunting task that never gets completed in the long run, leaving you, the property owner, right back to where you started: a disgruntled or frustrated timeshare owner. Furthermore, owners who assume they can possibly and simply donate their property to a any charity are in for a brutal awakening. Charities don’t want the burden of these properties either, even if you were able to donate it to begin with. Are you ready to weigh down your favorite charity with a financial burden they can’t afford to pay? They want assets they can easily turn, not liabilities that carry an annual assessment.

What other options do you have for your El Hotel Granada El Cid at Mazatlan timeshare?

Unless you are willing to pay maintenance fees the rest of your life with the potential of passing the burden onto your children when you pass, your best bet is to deal with a legitimate organization that deals with these issues on a regular basis and has a reputation of upstanding work and longevity within the industry.

How do you know when you are dealing with a reputable company?

A reputable company will always place the monies in escrow until terms are completed and the property is transferred. This protects you, the owner, from dishonest companies that prey on desperate timeshare owners. This company will use a third party, licensed, insured, bonded, and fully underwritten Title Agency, and will have a legal team prepared should your attorney need to speak with one of their lawyers. If you have an attorney, we recommend having them hold the funds in his escrow account until the title has been confirmed transferred and acknowledged by the resort.

Where can you find a reputable timeshare resale company for your Hotel Granada El Cid at Mazatlan timeshare?

We just report on the travel and timeshare industry. However, based on feedback received from other owners over the years, we’ve rounded up some of the best providers within the industry conveniently located on our solutions page. You can also fill out the form below which will then be given to the provider that best fits your needs based on the information given.



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