Don’t Pay Timeshare Maintenance Fees Again!

The number one reason that timeshare owners give for wanting to get rid of their timeshare is maintenance fees. These assessments have the tendency to surprise people each year, because they always seem to go up as timeshare usage goes down. Many owners often feel that they don’t want to pay timeshare maintenance fees, but doing so may result in foreclosure of your property and devastate your credit. In order to stop paying maintenance fees you must get rid of your timeshare, and selling is often an option that many choose.

Dan Connelly’s Quick Tip: Did you know that selling a timeshare often beats donating or giving it away? – click here to see why this is true for most people.

Maintenance fees are exactly what they sound like – fees that are used to maintain the timeshare and the property grounds. Generally, they are determined by the developer or HOA each year and then split between all the owners. Depending on the number of owners and the cost of upkeep, these fees can swing drastically each year and often tend to increase without ever going back down. Even if you have paid off your property, you still have to pay maintenance fees. Over the course of your timeshare ownership, it is not unrealistic to pay more in fees and interest than you did for your property. If you don’t want to pay timeshare maintenance fees anymore, there is hope for you!

Getting rid of your timeshare is the only way to stop paying these fees once and for all. In order to help you sell your timeshare and avoid paying these fees, we have gathered the most successful and reputable timeshare resale companies in the industry. They can assess your situation and determine the best way to sell your timeshare quickly, in as little as 24 hours in some cases, to stop timeshare maintenance fees now. The companies we recommend handle every aspect of your timeshare resale, including communication with your developer, transferring your title, and everything else in between. To top off their extraordinary services, they never charge upfront fees. You don’t owe them a cent until you no longer have possession of your timeshare property unlike many other timeshare resale companies that require you to pay first for services they can’t guarantee.

Don’t pay timeshare maintenance fees ever again! Contact one of our timeshares resale specialists to start the fast and easy process. They will personally review your request and then match you with the company that can best serve your unique needs. From then on, if you choose to accept the no-pressure offer presented to you, just sit back and relax knowing you will soon be free of your timeshare and the expensive fees associated with it for good.


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Donna Connelly is the co-founder of Timeshare Secrets. She and her husband Dan successfully sold their timeshare and now provide advice to others in the same situation. Donna and Dan currently live in sunny Orlando, Florida with their three children.