What Is the Average Cost of Timeshares?

For families who want to enjoy exciting vacation opportunities around the world, many consider purchasing timeshares. But what is the average cost of timeshares? How much do they cost to buy, own, and sell should you find yourself unable to use or pay for your property in the future? These are all questions that you should ask yourself before you decide to purchase one of these vacation properties.

The price of your a timeshare is dependent on a variety of factors. Location, amenities, and size all compromise what your timeshare will cost. Because of those factors, timeshares can range from a few thousand dollars to over $100,000. Timeshare prices can often be high because they are meant to be life-long commitments, and are priced to be considered something that can be enjoyed (and paid for) over several years. Since prices can fluctuate drastically, the average purchase cost of timeshares is usually around $20,000.

If you really do intend to use your timeshare for a long-time, this may seem like a great deal! You family can enjoy a lifetime of vacations for Hawaii for $10,000? Who wouldn’t turn that down? However, it is the hidden cost of timeshare ownership that often gets propel frustrated. Maintenance fees and special assessments often start off low, but can quickly balloon out of control, especially if your timeshare is paid off. Average cost of fees for timeshares is around $800 per year – a cost may families are often unable to afford.

Add to these the costs of exchange club memberships, travel costs, interest and fees on possible mortgages, and the annual average cost of timeshares can be nearly $1,200, if not more.

For many families, this is money they can’t afford to lose. It is a mortgage payment, an investment for college, or savings for retirement. Because of this, many timeshare owners are turning to timeshare resale in order to relieve the financial burden of these properties.

We know first hand how frustrating owning and selling a timeshare can be. There’s no reason that people should struggle to own or sell timeshares, which is why we created TimeshareSecrets.com. We gather trustworthy and reputable timeshares resale companies who not only help people sell their timeshares for fair prices, but offer their services without upfront fees. You don’t pay a cent until you no longer have possession of your timeshare.

Whether the average cost of your timeshare has become too much to handle or you simply no longer can justify paying for a property you get little use out of, the companies we recommend can help you get out of your timeshare quickly and with zero hassle to you!


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